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For more than 15 years, we have been providing matchbooks and matchboxes for many restaurants, hotels, bars, weddings, parties and just about any memorable event imaginable all over the world.

We can custom imprint any kind of look on any of our matchbooks, matchboxes, scratchbooks, toothpicks, bottle openers and other unique products to meet your needs. 

The cost per exposure in most cases is less than a couple of pennies, and with a small minimum order you can promote your message with high impact and low cost.



Our 20 stick matchbook is our most popular and economical seller. It is the most preferred by start-up businesses and one-time buyers since this allows you to advertise your business for almost 2 cents each.
30 stick matchbooks appear in the finer restaurants and hotels. Because they hold more sticks, their lifespan is longer and can promote your message for a longer period of time.


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