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  20 Stick Stock Book

      Color Assortment

      Neon Colors

      1 Color on White

      Black on Red

      Black or Red on Yellow


  20 Stick Custom Colors


  30 Stick Books


10 - Stick Boxes

23 - Stick Boxes

 Bottle Openers


Our 20 stick matchbooks are divided into 2 categories:

  • Stock Colors

  • Custom Colors

Stock colors are less expensive and have a faster production time than Custom color imprints, but they are more limited in color choices. You can select from our neon colored boards to a more traditional white board with a black, red, blue or burgundy imprint (or reverse imprint...color board / white text).

Custom Colors offers a wider choice of any color board with a 1, 2, 3 or 4 color imprint. Your imagination is the limit.



Our 20 stick matchbook is our most popular and economical seller. It is the most preferred by start-up businesses and one-time buyers since this allows you to advertise your business for almost 2 cents each.
30 stick matchbooks appear in the finer restaurants and hotels. Because they hold more sticks, their lifespan is longer and can promote your message for a longer period of time.




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